There is somebody I would like you to meet

This person is rather amazing and has tonnes of potential, a sparkling personality, a super sharp brain and is rather fun to be around. I know you will really like this person if you take the time to get to know them.

Will you do it?

You will!! That’s great.

Let me introduce you.
The person is

Yes, that’s right.
You are probably asking what on earth you would want to meet yourself for?
That is just the thing because I know you haven’t spent a lot of time getting to know you and I have heard you dismiss yourself more than once. You think that in a world with more than 7.3 billion people that you do not even register as significant. You are not even a blip on a radar. You think that there a so many people out there who have made a giant impact on the world and they are known for the DIFFERENCE they have contributed. You are just average and have done nothing noteworthy or WOW. You do not feel like you have some amazing purpose or that the world is calling you.
Here is the secret.
Guess what the chances are of you being born as YOU with your exact genetics and parents and if we had to take into account every factor that makes you …well … YOU, do you know what the chances are?

1 in 10 2685000

That is 2.685 million zeroes.
You have to admit that the chances of you being born are so small as to be impossible.

But here you are.
You have your own unique set of fingerprints and even your own smell if you are not an identical twin. Your bones, kilogram for kilogram are 4x stronger than concrete. The capillaries in your lungs, if unravelled and stretched out tip to tip would reach all the way from Atlanta to Los Angeles and your body has the ability to produce enough heat that would boil nearly 2 litres of water in 30 minutes.
You have a unique set of looks, thoughts, beliefs, strengths, talents, knowledge, skills and experiences. There is not an exact copy of you anywhere in the world. Not even if you had an identical twin.
Think of your exact makeup as being like an exotic dish which needs to be served at a buffet. We need you to make your exotic dish and bring it to the buffet. There is no other dish like yours. The problem is that you get to the buffet and start comparing your dish with others. Yours is too little and not colourful enough and you are sure that people won’t like what you made. In fact, a quick glance at the buffet and you are convinced that what you have to offer is not needed at all and so you quietly slide away and feel really despondent.

BUT, here is the thing. Others come to eat at this buffet, which you may have gathered by now is the Buffet of Life. They hunt through every dish and they cannot find what they are able to eat. Why?  The dish they need is missing because you did not think it was good enough to serve.
The world needs YOU and your contribution. Whenever you are tempted by that little voice telling you that you are good enough, think of the sad people hunting through the buffet looking for what you were meant to make.
Really this is how you can think of how you are needed to put back into the world. You could call it a calling or serving your purpose.
No one else can deliver on your purpose. No one’s purpose is greater or more important than another’s. Indeed they are all different because you and everyone out there are all different. Truth be told, if you had to take each person’s purpose, including yours, and fit them together they will overlap in parts and ultimately build a big picture. If our picture was of a ship – then yes of course more than one person is going to have “SHIP”, but a different part of that ship.
You glance over and say, “They don’t need more ship. They have plenty”.
Our ship is not going to be very effective with a large gaping hole because you didn’t bring your piece.

Now let’s look inside you? Do you know that you have endless potential that is just waiting for you to discover and develop and grow and for you to go and use in the world. It is what I call greatness.

But there is that voice again telling you that you are the same and average and cannot stand out.
To use Robin Sharma’s words – “Why settle for average when you are destined for iconic?
In order for you to find and use your potential or greatness, you need to grow and nurture you.
A lot of it stems from that tiny little seed called confidence that is planted in self-belief and self worth and needs to be watered regularly.

You can develop your self-worth and your confidence.


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