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I am...

How do I choose to complete that sentence? Words have power.

I am Colleen Qvist – wife, mom, friend and business women. I love people and I am the person sitting in a public place chatting to people and enjoying their energy.  My family, friends, colleagues and clients are very important to me.

When people describe how they feel when they spend time with me, they most often mention safe, loved, not judged, held accountable, believed in and encouraged to leave their comfort zone.

I value


We can do anything through and with love.


There is enough for everyone and the more we take our eyes off “lack,” the more there will be.

Unique Greatness

Every person has specific greatness unique to them which they need to discover and use in the world.

Law of Attraction

What you give (whether good or bad), sets the frequency for what is returned to us.


 We can do more if we collaborate and combine our uniqueness.


if you are not grateful for what you have now, why would you receive more? Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

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