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Coaching is working with a qualified person called a Coach in order for your to achieve a specific goal. This goal can be in any part of your life and for example relate to your home life, work life, spiritual life and personal and professional growth. A Coach is an accountability partner who accompanies you on your journey to your goal. A Coach does not tell you what to do. A Coach also does not do the work for you. A Coach facilitates your growth so as to allow you to achieve your goals.

I have written articles to explain this question using the examples of becoming a ballerina and running the Comrades Marathon.

In brief

A coach will work with you to uncover your goals and help you to identify the steps for you to achieve that goal. A coach holds you accountable and the journey is very much forward. A coach need not have any knowledge or life experience of the goal that you want to achieve.

A Mentor does the same as a Coach but has personal experience of that which you would like to achieve. They call upon what has worked for them currently or in the past. Mentorship is forward looking.

A Counsellor or Psychologist will often help you to look at a specific part of your life e.g. your childhood. It must be said that many psychologists now use a coaching approach

We all need a Coach in order to guide us to achieve personal and professional growth and hold us accountable for the steps to our goal. Of course, you could do this on your own, but it is easier with an accountability partner who is trained to realise the potential in you.

Have a look at what it is that you would like to achieve. Which category do you think it falls into? I work as a Business Coach and a Life Coach rolled into one. If you chat to me and I cannot help you, I would refer you to a Coach who can guide you. You may be looking for an addiction coach, in which case I would refer you.

Look for a Coach who you feel a connection with and who you feel understands you. You are here now and so I am hoping that you would feel connected to me, but if not, have a look at the profiles on

It is important that your Coach is qualified, experienced and credentialed. Would it make you feel better if your Coach belonged to a Professional Body like COMENSA? Replace Coach in your thinking with Doctor. You most certainly want a qualified Doctor. Often the training and experience in the medical world is implied. Please ask your Coach.

Ask your friends for a referral, look at the list on the COMENSA website, arrange to chat to a short list.

Do you have something specific that you do not like? If so, you are welcome to chat to your Coach and see how you can improve things together. If this is not an option or you have tried it, you are welcome to move to another coach and even ask for a referral. Do be aware that your Coach may make you feel uncomfortable because you are being stretched out of your comfort zone. Do know that you will take yourself with to the next Coach and patterns repeat. Professional Coaches do realise that they may not be everyone’s first choice.


I will contract with you that our sessions are confidential and we will discuss what is told to your sponsor if you are not paying for your own coaching. I will also contract that I am obliged to break confidentiality if you plan to hurt yourself, someone else or engage in illegal activity. I contract with an employer to work towards a specific goal from their employee and do not divulge the journey to that goal.

People engage me as a coach for anywhere between 3 and 12 sessions. These sessions can be spread out weekly, or monthly depending on what the goal is that you are wanting to achieve. A client of mine mentioned the other day that even when he was not actively seeing me for coaching sessions, he has kept me on speed dial in case I am needed.

Coaching rates are different and there is no set standard. You are welcome to ask and please do reframe those fees as an investment in you, your team or your company. Also what value does the Coach bring to your life? You are paying for that value.

Coaching costs way less than you would imagine and will benefit you way more than you could imagine.

My client and I decide this in the beginning and often choose my client’s office, a coffee shop or some other venue suitable for both of us. I can coach anywhere, but it is important for my client to feel comfortable.

As a facilitator, I ensure that together people come up with a plan, strategy or design for them to do something specific. We will also look at the implementation of what they come up with. I  ensure that everyone has a voice, allow ideas to develop, but at the same time ensure that people do not disappear down rabbit holes. I am neutral and so am perfectly positioned to facilitate the best solution for you and your team.

I deliver key notes designed with your needs in mind. Some recent titles have been “Body Systems and Board Meetings” and “What are you doing with your oxygen mask?” My talks draw on my experience as a Life Coach, Business Coach and Facilitator.

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