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I have found tremendous value in attending these sessions, as I have learnt so much. I have grown as a person, as the sessions look at the whole person.

Being able to discuss challenges in my personal and work life in a safe environment has really made a huge difference in my life, to the extent that I can, through what I have learnt, share that not only with my colleagues and staff but also my friends and family.

Liberty Manager

You steered me toward finding a better me after being so unhappy within myself. Your guidance helped me see another side to all my problems and fixed my mindset.

Yvonne Burt

Sales -Spraymate Rust-Oleum

I carried too much for other people and my coaching allowed me to let stuff go. I was able to cut off the stuff and let it go. I feel so much lighter.


Vodacom Manager

I was feeling lost, lonely and had lost my confidence and so I went to Colleen for coaching. Coaching with Colleen allowed me to focus, gave me strength and to believe in myself again and that I am not on my own. My coaching is one of the best investments I have made in me.

Debbie Lambert

Infinity Place

My business coaching with Colleen had an unexpected consequence. I am now a great Dad which is something I never thought I could be.

Thami Mbondane

Colleen is the archetype of a successful coach because she goes extra mile to guarantee the intended progress in every person. Her courage to develop other people’s lives is amazing as she is able to acknowledge the uniqueness of every person. I observed her strategy of making almost all students realize their potential. I still consider her as my mentor since she has impacted my life.

I highly recommend Mrs. Colleen Qvist to every person who needs an effective life and professional development/ coaching because she is the most competent and effective coach I have ever met.

Mr. Mpho Makgopa

Lecturer at Varsity College Sandton

I was 55 years old, when I did not get in to study psychometry for the 4th time. I was devastated and ready to give up. I did not really know the difference between psychology and life coaching but I went to see Colleen. I was amazed at how Colleen looked at my CV and asked me lots of questions and then asked if I had ever considered being a tourist guide. I would never have got there on my own. I was sent to do all the homework and now I am in my 3rd year of being a tourist guide and loving every second. Who knows how she did it, but I am very grateful.

Nanette Dicks

Tourist Guide

Coaching has given me so much more confidence in myself, I am able to cope with challenging situations on another level knowing that I have the tools to support and sustain myself. The answers were always there but with effective coaching, not only have I learnt to cope but I believe in myself on a daily basis.  I would highly recommend coaching to anyone in all walks of life, it has changed my thinking completely!

Warren Howell

Managing Director Spraymate Rust-Oleum

What brings you to my website?

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You may be looking for a specific scenario or phrase related to why you have found my website and are welcome to look for yours in a list I have drawn up.


What do you get when you work with me?

I am a credentialed Coach (CSP)

I am a trained facilitator

I have 22 years Corporate experience in Medical Devices Industry

I have B. Sc, B. Sc Hons and MBA

I work with individuals and groups to facilitate a unique solution

I am not cookie-cutter one size fits all

I am authentic and real and allow my client to be the same

I do not work with rigid processes

I work in the areas that my client needs to address

My clients sign up for anything from one session up to unlimited

I listen

I ask deep and sometimes uncomfortable questions

It is always my client’s journey and my client’s timeline

I am direct and hold you accountable but always with love

I have 100s of client testimonials that attest to the benefit of working with me

I serve on COMENSA EXCO as the Gauteng Chair

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how working with me will help you achieve your business and / or personal goals.



Life Coaching & Business Coaching

 Individual | Group | Team | Online

Coaching allows you to identify your goal and assists you to achieve that goal. Coaching allows clarity, growth, identification of steps, addresses missing skills and holds you accountable.


As a facilitator, I ensure that together people come up with a plan, strategy or design for them to do something specific.


I deliver key notes designed with your needs in mind. Some recent titles have been “Body Systems and Board Meetings”

Public & Private Workshops

A Workshop is a way of taking an in depth look at a particular topic. You can choose the topic. These Workshops are most often 

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