A Tale of THREE CHAIRS in an abundant world

Picture three chairs.
Can you see them?
All in a row.


How many people would be able to sit down comfortably without sitting on laps or sitting sideways to share?
That’s right. THREE.
No more. ONLY THREE.

There is only space for three and once those three are seated you would need to wait for them to move, or probably trick them into leaving if you wanted a seat.

We see business as being the same as these THREE SEATS.
These three seats could be senior positions or top sales people or successful people.
We see that there is a limit to how many can sit down. There is a limit to how many people may have a senior position. There is a limit to how many people can be awesome sales people. There is a limit to how many people can be successful.

These limits appear to apply out of the office as well. There is a limit to how many people can be WOW parents and a limit to how many people can drive cool cars.
In business you are not inclined to help someone because what happens if they get to any vacant chair before you? What happens if you have a chair and you mentor someone and they become better than you and heaven forbid they unseat you and take your chair? What happens if everyone gets together and plots a way to ensure that you never get a chair?

Yes, we end up protecting our chair or the path to the chair at all costs. We even talk about obstacles in the path and there is mention of glass ceilings and different barriers. We do not stop to help anyone else for fear of us losing out. Oh we do tend to pretend that we are being supportive and mentoring each other, but it is all surface. We even refer to each other as sisters and brothers, until we think you are trying to steal a chair and then you will see WAR.

So long as we see business this way,
there will only be THREE CHAIRS.
There can only be THREE CHAIRS this way.
So long as we focus on the lack and the minimum quantity and the limited space that is all we will get.

Now let’s look at it in a different way.
Do you have children? Your own or someone else’s. They do not have to be human children. Fur kids also count.

At one point there was only one child in your life and you loved that child totally.
When a second child came along, you had to call the first child in and take back the love and renegotiate the love proportion. Now each child could only have half your love.
And then along came a third child and the same thing happened except two children had to give the love back and they each now only got a third of your love.
Anyone with seven children will know that each child can be loved for one day of the week.


What do I hear you say?
Yes. It is a ridiculous to say that love can be used up and that there is a limited amount to go around. Love is not like pie or pizza. Once all the pieces have been given out there is no more pie or pizza left. Love doesn’t work like that.
We all know that love is infinite.
It cannot be used up.
Two children are not loved half the amount that you would love one child. In fact, love has this amazing ability that the more you focus on it, the more it multiplies and expands and grows.
We focus on love and do not see any scarcity. We do not see any lack. And guess what? As a result there is no lack.

What if we had to see business like this?
What if there was an infinite amount of space for business leaders and successful people and top sales people? What if we had to see business and in fact all of life from a point of abundance? If business was like love? Infinite.
What is your mindset when it comes to abundance? If you stood at the ocean and that represented abundance, what would you have to hold the abundance?

Look down and see what you are holding to accept abundance. Are you holding a teaspoon or the biggest container imaginable? How are you attracting abundance into your life? Is it trickling in or being pumped in? Do you know that you can swop what you are holding for a bigger container? I always think of our hearts as having infinite capacity and so that is my container.

The world, which when you think of it is us collectively, really needs us all as individuals to find our potential and to use our greatness. Not only a few of us.

I really would like to then invite you to view business and work as you standing at the ocean and there is no shortage.
Walk away from the THREE CHAIRS.
Just as love is infinite so too can business be infinite.

The more we focus on abundance in business and know that we are not only faced with THREE CHAIRS, the more likely you will reach out to mentor and coach and empower. Just like with love, business will then expand and grow and become infinite.


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Colleen Qvist is an empowerment Coach and Speaker and owns CQ Consulting and The Pink Diamond Club.

Contact: Colleen Qvist on colleen@cqconsulting.co.za

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