Do you have monsters under your boardroom table?

What about that Division that used to consistently deliver but their results are slipping?
Or the Executive who you suspect may have way more potential than they are displaying?
Or the employees who pitch at work, but you suspect are not really there?

Yes, Them!
You have been asking yourself
“Is this it? Surely there must be more to life than this?”
If only you could flick a switch and turn on the passion in everyone. You want to ensure that the best version of everyone pitches at work every today and tomorrow and the next, in fact every day!
Let’s be honest, (something I am really good at), pitching at work every day and going through the motions isn’t rewarding. No one feels enriched or excited and the mere thought that you will do this until you retire gives you a sick feeling.
Do you know, really know, that each and every one of your employees and you has unique greatness locked up inside of you?
Trust me, you do.

So what is the gap, between finding and using that greatness and the grim reality?
Is it a “these employees didn’t work out, but maybe the next ones will be better” lottery?
Have you already tried the ‘Let’s do a Team building thingy’ and found that people were motivated for a few days and then ended up at the same place you were to start with? Or worse still, three steps back?
I need to tell you that it is possible to enable your employees to fully realise the greatness that is already within them. You will see the results of them bringing that greatness to work every day.
Can you imagine the impact on your business, on your Industry, to have a whole organisation of powerfully motivated, optimally contributing individuals?
The secret? Well, actually, it’s no secret.
When you change your focus from building a great organisation to building awesome people, you get the great organisation anyway as engaged employees who live their greatness will build it. Simon Sinek said “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
This is where I come in.
I am passionate about people. I believe, absolutely, that each one of us has a uniqueness which is precious and valuable and the world needs us to contribute. Many of us have buried our genius under years of negativity, denial, or even rejection. Many of us lack the basic skills to even recognise what inspires, enlivens or energises us.
Average and Good-enough and feeling disconnected are so ingrained in our behaviour patterns that we cannot even imagine anything different.

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