what brings you to my website?

Scenarios | Phrases

There are a number of scenarios, some of which may be for you or a team you work with.  Have a look at the list I have compiled and find your thought.

We need to make our numbers and targets

We need engaged employees

We are experiencing conflict

We need to manage the changes and transitions we are faced with

We would appreciate help to work out our strategy or implementation

We have a massive goal and need the right team to achieve that goal

We may not be handling diversity optimally whether age, race, culture, sexual orientation or gender

We are losing our people

I hate my job

I want to be promoted

We/I need to learn about EQ

Our communication is not good

I feel like I am drowning and the walls are moving in at work/home

How do I become a better leader or manager?

How do I transition from being a manager to leading myself and others?

Managing my stress and finding that elusive “work-life balance”

Motivating, inspiring or rewarding a team or individual

Seeking out self-growth, personal and professional development for me or my team

Wanting to read a blog for inspiration

Wanting to belong to a community

Looking for an event, talk or workshop

To find an accountability partner to help me reach my/our goals more effectively

Someone to listen – it’s lonely at the top

Team building

Silo-thinking as each department works on their own

We need to be THE PLACE to work

The things we used to do, no longer work

Assistance with Professional Sales and Territory Management

Healthcare industry professional – rep, sales manager, admin manager, CEO, CFO, COO, HR, doctor, vet, nurse, matron, hospital manager, medical insurance and medical aid, laboratories

What is my Purpose, Calling, Meaning or Legacy?

We have done things the same way for years

What kind of parent am I being to my children?

Customer service and Customer experience

I don’t like my boss

My employees don’t like me

I want to be more empowered to…

To change the passive-aggressive cycle

We need an authentic speaker who can bring real-life experiences to our audience

I need a life coach, business coach or facilitator

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