Johan Schoeman

Running and building a family business has some unique challenges regarding internal communications, among other issues. CQ Consulting has been working with Sorted Design + Advertising in order to develop the team’s general mindset and internal and external communication skills. Results have been immediate and a massive improvement is clearly visible, especially regarding internal communications.  […]

Ron Walter

From feedback a lot of folk took something for themselves from your talk. It aligned so well with where we are at as a unit.

Tanya Vogt

Thank you for being the best skills coach ever. My team are really working well and I feel a lot closer to them.


I needed you to speak to my ladies so that you could inspire them not to give up on learning how to read. I knew you could put a smile on their faces.

Bongi MaXimba Mhlongo

I have just clicked “like” on your FB page, I absolutely love what is written there. I know where I will be spending my mornings and my quiet times.

Mike Handcock

Thank you for being awesome at Giants on Success. You are a true professional. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Johan Schoeman

I hope this gives you a better indication of how your newsletters are actually adding value to the Sorted mindset and environment. Thanks for that.