My Philosophies


We live in an abundant world where there is enough for everyone. I like to think of it as standing at the ocean which represents abundance. Is there a lack of abundance in your life? Look down and see what it is that you have brought with you to receive that abundance. Do you have a teaspoon or are you holding a giant container?


We have a unique and special potential within us. No one else has our potential. We are each meant to find and use that greatness in the world. When we do that we answer the calling for our life and live our purpose. When we live our purpose we feel the flow in our lives and the emptiness disappears. There is amazing strength that results from individuals bringing their diverse greatness to the table.

Law of Attraction

What you give out you get back. We focus on the negative and end up empowering what we do not want. We need to focus on what we do want so that this is what we attract and manifest.


You can have the greatest ideas and plans in the world, but if you do not implement and start with that first step and then the second step until the end, you are wasting your time.


Gratitude is a guaranteed way of bringing more into your life. It is important to be grateful for everything you have in your life as well as everything you are attracting into your life. It is important to be grateful for the tough things in your life, not only the good things and to look for how you can grow. It is a given that there will be tough things as life is a series of ups and downs and it is not possible to grow in a comfort zone.


I want to build a legacy whilst I am still alive. When I encourage you to find and use your greatness and you answer your calling and live your purpose in the world, then I have served my purpose. I am then surrounded by amazing and awesome people who do not settle for average.


Nothing is more powerful than love. With love, it is possible to accomplish anything.


The world needs us to be the REAL version of us, not some version of what we think the world needs or wants. The world needs our uniqueness not a weak copy of us trying to be someone else.

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