Is this you dragging the past?

  Here you are cycling through life as we can see with some difficulty as you balance all these boxes. You have collected these boxes along the way. What’s in them? Memories of events and people. Not happy memories. Nope. The happy memories you keep in your heart and they do not weigh anything. Let’s […]

You decide what to write on your price tag

Please will you do me a favour and take a quick peek at your price tag. Yes the one right there. What is written on it? If you can see any of the following words then that is WOW! Awesome Valued Priceless Amazing Gifted Loved Treasured Intelligent Beautiful Rare Great worth Special Protected Strong Treasured […]

What should you do with a Compliment?

I like the way you managed the meeting. You make the best chocolate cake. Your look amazing in that outfit. You are a great Dad. Compliments. I am sure you have all received compliments and hopefully given them. My question to you is what did you do with the compliments? DO? Yes. Did you dismiss […]

The Lifeblood of Implementation

Did you know that dragonflies can fly further, higher and faster than most insects, sometimes at speeds of 70km/hour? They are also able to propel themselves upwards and downwards, backwards and forwards and side to side and hover in midair. Their flying abilities are all because of their distinctive wings. The veins in the wings […]